Monday, March 25, 2013

Sharp Crochet Hook

An article written by Bryn Hall. We appreciate your kind words!


             As a crafty individual--yet a non crocheter--I found it fascinating as I eagerly searched the internet for people with a talent that I do not possess.  Stumbling upon blog after blog on the “Sharp Crochet Hook” I noticed the same thing over and over again--everyone adored this tiny hook!  Wanting to try it out myself, I promptly purchased a swatch of cloth from the store and tried to start a pattern.
            Unfortunately for me, one cannot learn how to crochet overnight and my progression stopped at a Chain.  However, borrowing my roommates crochet hook, I was able to easily compare the ability to push the Sharp Crochet Hook through various fabrics with her 3.75mm hook. My small, sharp crochet hook worked wonders through every fabric in my apartment!  Do not take for granted this adorable, yet sturdy tool!
             Searching the world wide web some more, I was able to find some cute patterns that use this useful tool.  Myshelle Cole found use for it when making her flannel blanket; it easily glided through her materials and made a beautiful fringe. 
 Here is the pattern for this beautiful edging, using the Sharp Crochet Hook to easily go through flannel:

I also stumbled upon a cute t-shirt heart shaped pattern created by Jen, that she made for valentines day.  The intricate heart shape was easily traced with the Sharp Crochet Hook, and the finished design is utterly adorable. Here is how she did it:

Overall, this tool has proved its use time and time again for many different crocheters, and I’m sure it can help you out too.  If you’re interested in ordering a Sharp Crochet Hook and Pattern Book Set, you’re in luck!  Because they’re being sold! Hurray! Click here to go to the ordering page. 

Click here for many free patterns that can be made by the Sharp Crochet Hook.
--Bryn Hall

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