Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Easy Crochet Edging Two Tier Skirt with a Scallop Edge Embellishment

Summer Scallop Skirt

Easily crochet the edging into the fabric with the Sharp Crochet Hook!

I got the fabric for this skirt from Sisters and Quilters. They have a wonderful assortment of fabric!

Step 1: Sew fabric into a simple skirt- sew into a tube (one seam) that will fit over hips, zig-zag stitch all raw edges. Roll the top 1” and straight sew around-leave an opening to insert 1/2” wide elastic for the waistband, zig-zag elastic ends.
Step 2: With the fabric you want on the bottom, cut a 5” strip. Zig-zag stitch all around it. Sew to the bottom of top layer- leave a 1” seam allowance.
Step 3: Crochet

Free Crochet Edging Instructions:

Top tier (smaller scallop)

R1: *Ch 5, sc into fabric with the Sharp Crochet Hook leaving a 1/2” space.* Repeat.
R2: Do 6 sc into each ch 5 space.

Bottom tier (large scallop)

R1: *Ch 7, sc into fabric with the Sharp Crochet Hook leaving a 1” space.* Repeat.
R2: Do 8 sc into each ch 7 space.

Get your Sharp Crochet Hook and Sisters and Quilters fabric today!

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Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Easy Patriotic Sharp Crochet Hook Project Ideas

My two favorite holidays are the 4th of July and Christmas. I went a bit overboard this year on decorations, but I think it turned out great! I want to show you how you can use your Sharp Crochet Hook to make a wide variety of projects (for the 4th of July or any holiday!)

The Sharp Crochet Hook was used to:
- crochet the stitching on the stars
-the edging on the hand towels
-crochet across the top of each pennant and connect them together.

Patriotic Star Wall Decoration with easy Crochet Edging

First, let's talk about how to do the stars.

Here is the template I made... when you print it, it should take up the entire page (8.5" x 11"):

-Cut out three stars of each size. I used a different blue fabric on each one (scrap buster project! Bonus!)
-Crochet around the blue star. If you have never done this before, try this: working from the front, poke the hook into the back of the fabric, pull string through to front of fabric, then pull through loop on hook. Repeat. (Spacing suggestion- do 6 loose stitches per side.)
-Hot glue the stars on top of each other and glue the stars to a strip of burlap fabric.
-Sew pearl buttons down the middle of the burlap and glue the burlap to canvas.
-I used three 18" x 24" canvases. You can usually find them on sale at Michaels or Hobby Lobby in value packages, averaging about $4.00 each. 

Here are the stars again:

Make decorations out of hand towels with easy crochet edging

 -I used two hand towels, purchased from the local Dollar Tree. 
-Then I crocheted an edging on each of the short ends
-Then I folded them into this chevron pattern

Make a pennant banner by crocheting across the top of each pennant

This was so cheap and easy (even for a hooker! a crochet hooker, lol!).

I found some free digital scrapbooking paper online, printed it at Sams Club onto 4" x 6" photo paper (about 13 cents each!), cut them into triangles (just two cuts per pennant), and presto! All the pennants are made, how easy is that!?

To attach them together, I crocheted a 4 inch chain, started crocheted across the top of the first pennant, and crocheted another 4 inch chain. I repeated until all 10 pennants were attached with a 4 inch chain to space them out. I think it turned out great, considering I spent less then $2.00 on it and it only took about 30 minutes to complete!

FREE patriotic printable for the 4th of July

Here is a bonus- I made you guys a free printable for the 4th of July. I printed mine to a 5" x 7" size.

I think the saying sums up how I feel about America. Isn't this a great place to live?  I get chills just thinking about how lucky I am to live here. On a more personal note, I lived in a communist country for 6 months, and after seeing what happens there, and how restricted you are (especially in having a family, and worshiping how you choose) I don't think I will ever take our freedom for granted. I really am proud to be an American!

Here is the printable... and you can post it on your blog or other online place, but please give credit by linking here:

Make wooden letters pretty by covering them with scrapbook paper

The letters U S A are thin wooden letters purchased at Hobby Lobby for about $1.00 each. 
I found some pretty scrapbook paper and glued them to the letters using Elmers Glue. Then I cut out around them using a knife and a rotary cutter mat. So quick and easy! Then I glued old dominoes to the back of them to make them stand up on their own.  

And here is what the whole mantelscape looks like again. I hope you like it!

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Thank you for reading this post! If you do not have a Sharp Crochet Hook yet, get one! Go here:

Happy Crocheting :)

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