Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Free Cute Easter Bunny Pattern! Easy!

Here is a quick Easter gift idea! Inspired by Vickie Howell's free crochet pattern here.

What you need:

-8.5" x 11" of fabric (I used flannel so it would be a little softer, but you could use whatever you have)
-Sharp Crochet Hook (It goes through the fabric much easier than a normal crochet hook so you don't need to prepoke the holes or sew through it before crocheting... order it here:
-string (I used Red Heart size 3 Crochet Thread in yellow)
-Ribbon (I used 3/4" grosgrain- pink with white dots)
-Fluff to stuff (I used left over polyester batting from a quilt I made a long time ago.)
-Bunny Pattern (use this picture, it should be about 8 1/4" tall.)

1. Cut fabric in shape of bunny- fold fabric in half lengthwise twice. Place pattern over double layer of fabric with dotted line on fold. Cut. There, you should have a front and a back side. That was easy!

2. Use the Sharp Crochet Hook to crochet the eyes and nose into one piece of fabric. 
 Here is a bit more info on how I did it: The face- I just drew it out with a pencil. Then I made a loop from the string and pulled it from the back to the front of the fabric with the hook, starting on the edge of an eye working towards the middle of the face. Then I pushed the hook through to the back leaving about 1/4" space, and grabbed the string and brought it back through to the front of the fabric and pulled it through the loop already on the hook. Does that make sense? Then you just repeat until you have covered the entire eye (about 5 stitches). You could easily make an oval shape if you wanted the bunny to have open eyes. When the eye is finished, you do a few chains stitches on on the back of the fabric to carry the string over to do the nose. Start on the top middle for the nose and work your way around it, then do a few more chains to carry the string on the back to the far part of the other eye, working towards the middle again. When the eye is finished, you tie the end and cut it. 
You could also use this technique to monogram the back side of the bunny with an initial. 

3. Lay both layers of fabric on top of each other with the right faces showing. Single crochet into fabric around perimeter every 1/4." I eyeballed my stitch placement, but you could easily use a pencil to mark it. Leave about 1/4" from the edge of the fabric. No, you don't need to machine sew it before hand, or prepoke holes for the crochet hook. It's done in just one easy step! Leave a three inch opening and stuff the fluff into the bunny.

4. Finish crocheting the edging, tie, cut ends and hide ends inside bunny. Tie a ribbon around it and give to someone to love. That's it! So easy!

FYI the ribbon should be sewn on or removed so it won't become a strangling hazard if you plan on giving this to a baby.

I hope you like it. Let me know what you think!

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Ask Jessica: Finishing the raw fabric edge before crocheting

Here is a common question.  Let me help!

QUESTION: Kate from the Sharp Crochet Hook facebook fan page asks: just you finish or press your edge over before you add the edging?

ANSWER: Hi Kate. Thanks for your question! No. I leave the edge flat. Some people like to do a zig-zag or surge the raw edge of flannel with a machine before crocheting an edge over it, but I don't and I've never had a problem with it fraying.

Without treating the raw edge by sewing or folding it, I leave a 1/4" distance between stitches (eye-balled) on flannel and cotton and even after several dozen machine washings and dryings, the fabric and crocheted edging is still in tact and looks wonderful. If the fabric comes with a folded edge (like a handkerchief), I leave the folded edge there and crochet over the folded edge.

This truly is an easy way to crochet a baby blanket because you don't need to finish the edge of the fabric, get it hemstitched, prepoke holes, etc. You can actually buy the fabric to size, take it home and start crocheting with the Sharp Crochet Hook.

Here are some pictures you might find helpful:

This is a flannel blanket I made without treating the edges before crocheting. I did not fold over the edges, surge, or otherwise do anything to the fabric besides cutting it and crocheting through it with the Sharp Crochet Hook.

This is the same blanket after about 2-3 dozen hot water/cool rinse normal spin cycle machine washings and medium heat machine dryings (about 8 months later). There are no signs of fraying from the raw edge under the crochet stitches. The baby's hand is blurry because she was waving at the camera. HI JANE!

Here is a close up of what it looks like after all the machine washings and dryings. Yup, it still looks awesome!

If you haven't ordered the Sharp Crochet Hook, you can go here:

I hope this helps.

Happy Crocheting :)


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