Monday, September 10, 2012

Crochet paper to make a cute Christmas Card

I made this Christmas Tree using the Sharp Crochet Hook to crochet through the paper, without prepoking holes. The "Merry Christmas" tag is embossed. The star background is a 1" yellow circle that has been crocheted around 3 times in 5 holes. The star is just a metal brad.

I entered this card in a Christmas Card design contest and I really want to win! I need everyone to vote for it. If I win, I will give away some Sharp Crochet Hooks and Crochet Edging Handbooks!

Here's how it's going to work:

1. UPDATE: My card has made it to the final round of this contest. Please go HERE and vote. Vote every 24 hours until Sept. 26th. I really hope I win! Thank you so so much!

2. Leave a comment on this blog post each time you vote.

3. I will use to choose a comment. Whoever wrote the comment will win a Sharp Crochet Hook and Crochet Edging Handbook! You will need to check this blog 10/3/12 because that is when the winner will be announced. I'll also send out a facebook status update to let you know, so if you aren't following me on facebook, go here.

If you want a greater chance of winning a Sharp Crochet Hook and Crochet Edging Handbook, vote every day until Sept. 26th and leave me a comment after you vote every day!

5. If I place in the contest, I'll give away more hooks and books! 
-If I get 3rd place, I'll give away 3 Combo Packs
-If I get 2nd place, I'll give away 5 Combo Packs
-If I get 1st place, I'll give away 10 Combo Packs

Plus, at the end of the contest, if I have gotten at least 50 comments, I will post a free Sharp Crochet Hook pattern!

Thanks everyone. I really want to win.

If you want a Sharp Crochet Hook and Crochet Edging Handbook, please order one here. It is the best tool for crocheting through fabric.


Monday, September 3, 2012

Free Crochet Pattern: Chevron Purse with a Zipper

Of course you can use your Sharp Crochet Hook to crochet an edging around a flannel baby blanket, to embellish a pillowcase, or to make a cute skirt hem. Today I'm going to show you how to make something you might not of thought of.

Here is a free crochet pattern

Learn how to make a chevron purse with a zipper!

A few weeks ago I explained the process of crocheting a base layer through the zipper (and liner if you want one!) with the Sharp Crochet Hook and crochet thread. Check it out HERE. Then, when the base layer is finished, you can switch to whatever yarn and crochet hook you want to finish the base of the purse. What a cool trick, huh!?

So today, I'm going to give you the pattern to make this cute purse. I actually made it for my daughter so it is on the small side, but you can take the concept and make it whatever size you want.

Materials needed: 
-7" zipper (gray)
-Size 3 or 10 crochet thread
-Sharp Crochet Hook (a must for crocheting through the zipper lining)
-Teal and Gray worsted weight yarn
-Size F crochet hook
-Optional-fabric to make lining

Step 1- Create base layer
Use the Sharp Crochet Hook and the crochet thread to single crochet around the zipper lining (and fabric lining if you are doing that). For specific instructions, go HERE.You should have 40 stitches.

Step 2- Crochet body of purse
R1:Using the teal yarn and size F crochet hook, start on one end and sc crochet through each stitch.
R2:The pattern is: dc in each of the next 4 st, then do 4 dc in next st. Then, dc in each of the next 4 st. In the next 4 st, dc in each, but leave the last loop on hook from each dc. After that 4th dc, bring the loop on the hook through all four loops. This will decrease the number of stitches by 4. Repeat all around purse. You should have a zig zag pattern forming.
R3:Repeat R2.
Do 2 rounds of gray, 2 rounds of teal, and then 1 row of gray. The second round of gray is actually going to be connecting both sides of the purse to create a seam on the bottom. Here is how you do that: DC on side one, then dc into opposite side. Come back and dc in side one, skipping one stitch. Then dc into opposite side skipping one of those stitches. Continue all the way across. Cut off, tie, weave in end. Sc the finishing row around the zipper to help add a finished look to the row you made with the crochet thread. And tah-dah! You are done with the clutch part of the purse.

Step 3- Add straps
Adding straps is the easiest part. Use the gray and do 6 dc. Center those 6 dc (so three on one side and three on the other). *Turn. Ch 3 (counts as dc) and do 5 dc across. * Repeat many times until it is as long as you like- I did 45 rows of this. Then when the strap is long enough, find the center of the opposite side of the purse. Make sure the strap isn't twisted funny (I've done that!), and attach it! Here is how you can do it so it will look like the first side- dc into purse, sl st into strap, dc into purse, sl st into strap, etc, for all six dc.

You can embellish with a big flower, or just leave it as it is.

Another fun look you could try with this pattern is doing an ombre look, so make the first stripe with light blue, then the middle row with medium blue, then the bottom row with dark blue.

Here it is again

I hope you guys like this free pattern!