Friday, July 20, 2012

Pin wheel card with crochet edging

Here is a lovely pin wheel card that just makes you smile when you see it.

-I crocheted the edging through the card with the Sharp Crochet Hook, no prepoking holes! Just crochet through the paper in one easy step.
-The papers are from SEI.
-The blue string is Red Heart size 10 crochet thread.
-I used the tutorial found here to make the pinwheel. Thank you Lil' Inker Designs for showing me how to do that!

Thursday, July 19, 2012

Pennant Banner Birthday Card

Look at this amazing card! What a great technique- use the Sharp Crochet Hook to crochet the pennants together for an amazingly special handmade card!

Thank Repeat Crafter Me for the wonderful {free} tutorial here!

You could also try writing "Happy Birthday" or "Get Well" on the pennants. What a great idea! Head on over and check out all the inspiration at Repeat Crafter Me.

And if you don't have a Sharp Crochet Hook- get one now so you can make this card :)

Chevron style handmade card with crochet edging

Here is my latest Sharp Crochet Hook creation- the yellow, white, and gray chevron style "Love You!" handmade card.

You can use the Sharp Crochet Hook to crochet right through the paper to crochet any shape you want. The yellow chevron style zig-zag pattern was made using Red Heart size 3 crochet thread and the scallop edging in white was done with Red Heart size 10 crochet thread.

Get the Sharp Crochet Hook and make someone you love a card today! Go here:

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Crochet through zipper lining- Watermelon coin purse

Again, I'm completely amazed at what you can use the Sharp Crochet Hook to make. Isn't this such a great idea- crochet through a zipper lining with the Sharp Crochet Hook?

Thank you Repeat Crafter Me for the fabulous {free} tutorial and pattern to make this.


Get your Sharp Crochet Hook today and visit Repeat Crafter Me for the full tutorial for this project.

While you are there, check out her cooking tutorials- YUMMY!

Crock Pot Monkey Bread

Crock Pot Cheesy Hash Browns

Crochet through ribbon with the Sharp Crochet Hook

I am always amazed at what people use the Sharp Crochet Hook for. Here is a great idea you might not have thought of- crocheting through ribbon!

There are several ideas for crocheting ribbon on the Bowdabra Blog.

You could use the concept of crocheting edgings on ribbon to wrap a present, add embellishment to a scrapbook page, make a hair bow for a girl, make a bracelet, make straps for a custom made purse, etc. The possibilities are endless!
Order your Sharp Crochet Hook today and visit the Bowdabra Blog for more inspiration!

Friday, July 6, 2012

Crochet Edging on Baby Socks with "Love and Laundry"

These cute baby socks with the lovely crochet edging are from a blog called Love and Laundry. She used the Sharp Crochet Hook to crochet through the socks for the first round and then a "normal" crochet hook to finish up the rest. Aren't they darling?

Check out Love and Laundry for wonderful project ideas and tutorials! This is one of my favorites (besides the cute baby socks of course)- the full tutorial is here:
*Maybe you could change the words to "I like BIG BALLS and I cannot lie" and use the tote to carry your balls of YARN!

Thanks for the wonderful review of Sharp Crochet Hook. Visit Love and Laundry and thank her for the tutorial! You can find her on facebook here.