Friday, February 3, 2012

Easy Crochet Edgings for babies

Did you know you can crochet through fabric using the Sharp Crochet Hook? Here are some cute projects you can make that will be cherished for a long time.

The pattern I used on the blue burp cloth is an excellent choice if you don't want it to look to lacy and feminine. That pattern is one of the 15 patterns in the Crochet Edging Handbook, order it now at

The "boy" in that picture is actually my youngest daughter. Luckly, she is too young to care that her mom posed her as a boy in hopes that she would sell a few pattern books. Don't worry, I dress her up as a girl most of the time (see the picture where she is wrapped in pink and wearing a headband.)

If there are any pregnant moms reading this, I highly recommend the power of a good swaddling blanket. All three of my babies slept much better when wrapped tightly in a lightweight blanket. And if you are going to wrap them in something, it might as well be cute, right!?


  1. I have had a difficult time with the pattern book, esp the zig zag stitch. Do you have any video tutorials? I think I may just need to see it be done to understand what the instructions are saying.

  2. Hi Brittany, Thank you for your comment! I don't have any video tutorials on the zig zag stitch, but I will work on it and let you know when it is on youtube.