Saturday, February 4, 2012

Punk Black Valentine's Day Cards

In case pink Valentine's Day Cards aren't your thing, you rebel, you, here are two punk rocker options.

In the first one, I used the Sharp Crochet Hook to crochet beads into the paper! The paper I used to make these cards are just typical textured card stock scrapbook paper. Those stars are actually beads. It was so easy, and now the beads are very securely attached to the paper.

In the second one, I used the Sharp Crochet Hook to crochet size 10 crochet thread into the paper for a lattice sort of pattern.

I think I'll give these cards to two of my special friends. And when I say they are special friends, I don't mean they are ""special"" (you know, the double quote kind of special), no, they are really great friends that are there for me when things go wrong. Love you! And in a few days, you will know who you are! Assuming you girls are such good friends that you read my blog when you don't even crochet! hah!

Happy crocheting everyone!

PS. If pink, cheerful, happy Valentine's Day Cards are your thing, check these out:

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