Thursday, November 29, 2012

Christmas Advent Calendar Pennant Banner

Introducing my newest Sharp Crochet Hook Creation: a Christmas Advent Calendar Pennant Banner.

It has a little pocket to hold small items. This will be a great way for my kids to count down to Christmas.
I used the Sharp Crochet Hook to crochet this border on the front of the pocket. It easily went through the satiny polyester fabric with no snags. Order the Sharp Crochet Hook here:

I did a little scoring on scrapbook paper and used metallic number stickers to make the medallion. I tied bells in between each pennant to add a little shine and glam. I love it and I think it looks great! Plus, my kids love it, too!!

Christmas Advent Calendar Pennant Banner Instructions: 

 Here is a quick guide if you want to make it for yourself: Take 1/3 yard of 60" fabric. Cut out 12 large triangles and 12 small triangles. Sew the small triangles to the front of the large triangles.  Fold over the top of the large and sew a casing for ribbon to slide through. Print the guide below for triangle templates.

Crochet across the top of each small triangle with gold size 3 crochet thread. Use the Sharp Crochet Hook to easily crochet through the fabric. It goes through fabric much easier than normal hooks. Go here to order it: I just did a single crochet three times in each hole, did a ch1 and spaced my sc stitches out about 3/4". I just eyeballed it, nothing too fancy.

Thread gold ribbon into each casing to connect each pennant. Make the medallions- cut pieces of scrapbook paper to 3/4" x 12" and score every 1/2". Fold back and forth. Hole punch 1" circles and hot glue the scored paper shaped like a circle (use a little clear tape to hold in place while you put it on the hot glue) to a 1" circle. Then use a 1" paper circle and a metallic sticker on the front.

Fill with small items your children would enjoy.

I like celebrating the magic of Santa Claus with my children, but I want the main focus to be celebrating the birth of Christ. This year, I'm including verses in each pennant to help my children learn more about Christ and celebrate the true meaning of Christmas. Each day we will read a new section to learn more about Christ.

I created the printable below if you would like to include the bible verses in your advent calendar.  It should print full size. Just cut them apart and put one in each pennant. A sweet lady at my church gave them to me and I love the idea.

Here is the banner again. Love it! Make your own banner, and dress it up with a crochet edging embellishment! Order a few Sharp Crochet Hooks now! One for your car, purse, nightstand, and living room! :) Go here:

 Merry Christmas You Guys!!!!

Happy Crocheting!


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