Saturday, October 6, 2012

Sharp Crochet Hook Winner

Remember that contest I was trying to win? I had you all vote for my Embellished Christmas Tree Card? (Get instructions to make it here:

Well, I didn't win, but I'm giving away a Sharp Crochet Hook and Crochet Edging Handbook anyway. I have the coolest fans ever! Thanks for all your help voting for my card!

I used to help me figure out the winner:
The 13th person to leave a comment is: gardentilly!

I did my part and voted. Good Luck!
If you are GARDENTILLY Please email with your mailing address! Congratulations! 
Thanks everyone for voting. The competition was a little too stiff this time, but I do appreciate everyone's help. 
Happy Crocheting!


  1. =) congrats to the winner, thanks for the pattern and I hope to some day have the opportunity to try your sharp crochet hook
    Hugs from México

  2. Just discovered this product today thanks to Repeat Crafter Me.

    My brain is swirling with ideas how I would use the Sharp Crochet Hook! Adding to my wish list for Christmas!

    I can add edgings to my daughters skirts & shorts to make them a little longer - making them last a little longer. She's growing so fast!!

  3. Congratulations to the winner of this. Hope that I win this too soon. concrete sidewalk arvada