Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Easy Crochet Edging Two Tier Skirt with a Scallop Edge Embellishment

Summer Scallop Skirt

Easily crochet the edging into the fabric with the Sharp Crochet Hook!

I got the fabric for this skirt from Sisters and Quilters. They have a wonderful assortment of fabric!

Step 1: Sew fabric into a simple skirt- sew into a tube (one seam) that will fit over hips, zig-zag stitch all raw edges. Roll the top 1” and straight sew around-leave an opening to insert 1/2” wide elastic for the waistband, zig-zag elastic ends.
Step 2: With the fabric you want on the bottom, cut a 5” strip. Zig-zag stitch all around it. Sew to the bottom of top layer- leave a 1” seam allowance.
Step 3: Crochet

Free Crochet Edging Instructions:

Top tier (smaller scallop)

R1: *Ch 5, sc into fabric with the Sharp Crochet Hook leaving a 1/2” space.* Repeat.
R2: Do 6 sc into each ch 5 space.

Bottom tier (large scallop)

R1: *Ch 7, sc into fabric with the Sharp Crochet Hook leaving a 1” space.* Repeat.
R2: Do 8 sc into each ch 7 space.

Get your Sharp Crochet Hook and Sisters and Quilters fabric today!

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  1. So cute! Bear Rabbit Bear Crafts sent me! :)

  2. SO CUTE!! I am fairly new to crochet. I am exicted to see another wonderful thing to love about this craft. What a great tool!
    Bear Rabbit Crafts sent me. :-)

  3. Wow this is so amazing, teach me how to do this please!

  4. Yay! Thanks. Do you have a youtube tutorial?
    covid elopement

  5. Where can we buy this? I like this for my baby girl